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H-1B Approved for Health Care Analyst for Specialty Occupation with Law Firm

May 17th, 2011 No comments
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We just received an approval for an H-1B petition filed by a law firm client of ours. The applicant finished her Master’s Degree in Public Health and began working at the law firm during an approved Optional Practical Training period. The employer was happy with her performance and chose to petition for her to receive an H-1B nonimmigrant employment visa.

Although her OPT ends in June 2011, she is eligible for a cap-gap extension, which will allow her to continue to work for her employer until her H-1B status becomes in September 2011.

We provided evidence to show that the employee beneficiary was eligible for the H-1B including her education records, transcripts and diplomas.

We also provided documentation proving that the employer was eligible as a petitioner. The law firm is a large firm with offices all over the United States. We provided evidence explaining the position with the employer as well.

Because the employer was eager to have a decision as soon as possible, we filed using premium processing. We received a decision within approximately ten days.

The employer and employee are very excited about the good news and look forward to working with each other for at least the next three years.

If you are considering the H-1B process, contact The Nunez Firm to schedule a free consultation. Managing attorney Jay Nunez will discuss your employment scenario with you and the options available.

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