Green Card Based on Marriage to United States Citizen Approved for Costa Mesa Client

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Client from Costa Mesa just had her green card approved based on her marriage to her US Citizen husband. The client is originally from Central America and entered on a student visa several years ago. While living in Orange County and studying, she met her husband and the couple married two years later. He petitioned for her to become a lawful permanent resident with a green card. This week, the I-130 visa petition and I-485 were approved after an interview with a USCIS officer in Santa Ana. Now, the couple is living in Costa Mesa, California. They are very excited and they hope to start a family in the next year. I am so happy for them.

Generally if an alien marries a US Citizen in good faith and not for immigration purposes, s/he is eligible to become a lawful permanent resident. The alien must have entered the United States legally in order to adjust status and obtain a green card. If the alien entered the United States legally, s/he can generally become a lawful permanent resident under INA 245 without leaving the United States. Exceptions include a significant criminal record, entry as a K-1 visaholder (through a different relationship), or entry as a foreign national crewman among others. The petitioner must be financially able to sponsor the beneficiary spouse, which means the petitioning spouse’s income must meet a certain level. If the petitioner’s income does not qualify, a joint sponsor must be available.

The adjustment of status process can be complicated in some cases, and it is best to consult with an experienced immigration attorney before proceeding. The Nunez Firm has helped countless couples petition and obtain green cards after marriage. Contact The Nunez Firm today to schedule a free and confidential consultation. Managing Attorney Jay Nunez will personally discuss your situation and help you determine if adjustment of status is the right option for you.

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